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Spanning more than 900 years of history, your visit to Tamworth Castle really is a journey through time. You can explore 15 different rooms - along with the courtyard and other hidden gems - each offering something different, giving a glimpse into the Castle's past and how it has changed over the centuries.

courtyardAncient courtyard

You will start in the ancient courtyard which has recently had 'new' features unveiled! Some of the original features have recently been uncovered, showing what the Castle looked like 900 years ago. You can also climb the rugged steps to the Medieval wall passage where you will hear the sounds of soldiers preparing for battle.... and just across the courtyard is the dungeon. Try out the stocks and also enter the dungeon and imagine the fate of those imprisoned there centuries ago. New display boards are now on show in the courtyard giving you a whole host of interesting facts about the courtyard, how it developed over the years and what it may have been used for.

armouryThe Armoury

Come and explore the Castle Armoury with its interactive displays. Here you can not only learn about Medieval weapons and armour but you can see people at battle! This area is great for youngsters - they can take models of Tamworth Castle apart, see how it changed during the different historic periods, create their own Coat of Arms, dress up as a medieval Knight and get their hands on weaponry!.

Dining roomGrand dining room

Wind up the Tudor staircase and step into the Grand Dining Room set for a Tudor Feast. Take a seat at a trestle table and touch the array of period tableware from pewter tankards to wooden trenchers and finger bowls. Walk into the Pantry where dry food was stored. Savour the aromatic smells of the herbs and spices and see the range of tools used by the cook to garnish foods ready for serving in the dining room. Adjacent to the Dining Room is the Day Parlour. A private with-drawing room where nobles would gather before feasting. Here they would socialise, listen to music, read, play cards and board games.


Battle & Tribute - new interactive Anglo-Saxon exhibition

Continue upstairs to our brand new Battle & Tribute exhibition. View some items from the world famous Staffordshire Hoard in Tamworth Castle's 'Weapons and Warfare' exhibition which includes stunning replica items. The exhibition brings the area’s fascinating Anglo-Saxon history to life, including the role of our famous warrior queen, Aethelflaed, and themes of battle, kingship and warrior culture in Anglo-Saxon Mercia.

The Tower

Now ascend the narrow steps to the top of the medieval tower. Marvel at the 360? view of the surrounding countryside and spot some landmarks.

ladys chamber

The Lady's Chamber

Take a chilling walk past the seventeenth century haunted stairs, into the Lady's Chamber. A sumptuous wooden panelled bed chamber for the lady of the household. Stand quietly in this reputedly haunted room and you may be fortunate enough to hear the whispers of ghosts from bygone times.

Servant's Chamber

Move forward into the Servant's Bedroom, a simple room for the use by the female servant who attended the lady of the household and her children. Cross the ancient Castle walls. Venture outside onto the parapet walk and cross the ancient Castle walls. Take in the panoramic views of the grounds below and the courtyard. Then enter the Elizabethan wing built in the 1590’s by Humphrey Ferrers II. First view the Marquis’s room which depicts life in the Castle in the eighteenth century. See how you would look as a Georgian and try on lady’s and gents wigs and costume.


Georgian Room

First view the Marquis’s room which depicts life in the Castle in the eighteenth century. See how you would look as a Georgian and try on wigs and costume for ladies and gents.

Victorian era

Through the corridor step forward a century into the Victorian era. The final five rooms tell the story of the Cookes, the last family to live in the Castle as a private residence. Witness first the children’s nursery littered with toys and games for a wealthy child of the 1880’s.  Step forward to the Victorian bedroom and bathroom decorated in the popular cluttered style.

with-drawing room

The Oak Room and the With-Drawing Room

Now view the two grand reception rooms, the Oak Room and the With-Drawing Room.  These rooms have been home to an array of sumptuous dinners and gatherings.

Great hallThe Great Hall

Finally descend the staircase to the crowning glory of Tamworth Castle the magnificent Medieval Great Hall. Built to impress and emphasise the wealth and power of its noble owners, stand back and admire the huge timber beams and glistening Tudor glass.  Great Feasts were held here, the lord's business carried out here and servants slept here. 

This Medieval Room has plenty of information on its history and construction as well as interesting displays of weapons and armour. Within the hall is a touch screen information point that offers a virtual tour of all the rooms and a database of photographs to view on the town and surrounding area. For those who cannot access the whole building it is an enjoyable and invaluable source of information on the Castle.

Souvenirs and gifts are available to purchase in Reception or from the kiosk at the bottom of the Castle slope which also sells a range of refeshments and snacks.