Tudor imageTudor (1485 – 1603)

The Ferrers' Family - 15th century to the 17th century.

A wealthy and important noble family with extensive lands in the Midlands, they held the Castle for nearly 300 years from 1423 – 1681. They were responsible for transforming the Castle from a fortress to a grand Tudor home, designed to impress and emphasise their wealth. Thomas Ferrer first built the timber tie-beamed great hall in approximately 1437.

During the Elizabethan period Lord Humphrey II (1576 – 1607) made huge changes to the castle, re-modelling and in some instances removing existing medieval structures. His overarching aim was to build a home that accurately reflected his high status in society. 

In the early seventeenth century the Ferrers' family were rewarded for their loyal service to the crown with three visits by King James I in 1619, 1621 and 1624. The new Tudor buildings comfortably accommodated a royal retinue in privacy and grandeur. 

During the English civil war the Ferrers fled the castle for the relative safety of their home in Walton on Trent. After the war the Ferrers' family resumed ownership of the Castle for the duration of John Ferrers IV lifetime. On his death in 1680 the castle passed through his deceased son to his granddaughter, Ann Ferrers.